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Find a greeting card or postcard for any occasion, any interest, any person on your calendar. The Virtual Postcard Exchange is a fast-growing, dynamic list of e-card and postcard sites, broken up into more categories than you can shake a stick at. What's more, if you have a favorite site and don't find it here, it is easy to suggest the link to the VPX.

Latest Links:
  • D Greetings - This is a comprehensive site that includes so many unexpected card choices. For example - under Independence Day, it is not just the US one, but Zimbabwe, France, and more. Under Religion, there are more than Christianity - there are cards for Sikhism, Hinduism, Jewish, Buddhism, and more. For birthdays - there are for brothers, fathers, zodiac, and more .... This is 'D' site to go to for your every card need!
    URL: http://www.dgreetings.com/
  • Awesome Cyber Cards by Marlo - A good site for beginners - they provide good instructions on how to send a postcard and lots of categories to choose from ... including sympathy, awards, and business themes.
    URL: http://www.marlo.com/card.htm
  • Australian Fishing Shop - For a fun look at the sport of fishing, visit this site for the perfect card. These cartoon cards more frequently have the fish -- or other sea critter -- with the upper hand. There are also categories of non-fishing cards also available. These are very tastefully done for special occasions - birthdays, holidays, and more.
    URL: http://www.ausfish.com/greetings
  • Audio Card - A gigantic site with a ton of musical choices for each card. You may preview the songs before building your greeting. There are gobs of general cards, plus special occasion and holiday cards
    URL: http://www.audiocard.com/
  • Astounding Graphics - Astounding is a good word to describe this site with thousands of free postcards to send. Each one is also available as something tangible you may purchase. There are humorous, curious (and they really are strange), art, best sellers, musicians, 25 cents or less, and other categories.
    URL: http://www.astoundingcards.com/content.shtml
  • Ask Alana - A large site with a wide variety of cards in traditional and non-traditional categories. You will find quite a few holiday sections - Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas cards and more. You will also find spiritual and inner-child categories, including paintings and photos of Kauai. Gentle faeries, angels and goddesses, gemstones, and more.
    URL: http://www.askalana.com/cards.shtml
  • Angel Winks - Nearly a thousand categories of cards ... from romantic to lighthouses to Titanic to sympathy and everything in between. Add a bit of poetry or image as well. If you cannot find a card here to send, then you probably won't find it anywhere.
    URL: http://angelwinks.net/PostCardPageIndex.html
  • Angel Stardust - To get to the free cards, look for the 'send a free card' press bar. A huge site, with a category for almost everything -- animated lighthouses to Tuxedo Man. There are also paid cards available at this site.
    URL: http://www.angel-stardust.com/cybercards/login.html
  • Nervous Nelly - There are hundreds of cards for nearly whatever need you might possibly have to send a card. You may also choose to send a proverb, quote, poem, or the tee-shirt message of the day.
    URL: http://www.nervousnelly.com/
  • Angel Hugs - You won't just find angels here -- there are lots of other categories to search out that perfect card. There are the 'traditional' categories, such as birthday, congrats, some critters, and more. In addition, the java applet cards are listed singly, such as the Mona Lisa, Tiger in Disguise, and more.
    URL: http://donnasgardens.50megs.com/postcards.html

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